Швейное оборудование Durkopp Adler.

Ho-Hsing G-60 + synchro

производитель Ho-Hsing
The new G series is Ho Hsing’s answer to replacing the high energy consuming clutch motors. The G-40 with 400 Watt and G-60 with 600 Watt cover the complete range from high speed lockstitch, overlock, interlock to light walking foot machines.
G-40: energy saving motor that can work with or without synchroniser. With its easy and extensive parameter setting the G-40 is quickly set up to drive your sewing machine in a perfect way. With its low vibrations and low noise, working on your sewing machine never was as comfortable as with the new G-series.
 G-60: for light walking foot applications. The easy and extensive parameter setting allows the user to vary the torque of the motor and set the acceleration and deceleration in such a way that the G-60 is perfect for your application. Using the brake on every motor stop makes the G-60 suitable for a range of walking machines (light walking foot applications).